About us

Untrammelled curiosity leads to the best solutions. Always.

Founded in Warsaw, FAAB studio is involved in projects in Poland and worldwide. We create architecture, landscape and urban environments, interior and graphic design, complemented with cutting-edge engineering and consultancy. FAAB performs complex research and meticulous design that yields innovative and uncommon buildings and spaces. As a constantly evolving practice we look for solutions responding to rapidly shifting and advancing modern life with the aspiration to look beyond present.

photo: Bartosz Maciejewski

About us


We have received awards and recognition in both national and international competitions. Participation in competitions is an opportunity to cross barriers, test solutions and new ideas. We always look for the hidden potential of a place and then release it for the benefit of the Investor and the local community.

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We know that architecture has the power to create information, often read as a determinant of the Investor's position, aspirations and strategic goals. It can also be a way to reach a desired audience or to create an image of an organization that identifies itself with a specific philosophy or values. We always try to support the process of building our Client's brand. One of the tools is the publication of the presentation of projects or realised spaces and objects. We care about the consistency of the message. Information about our projects is published in book publishers, magazines and electronic media.

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Client list

We have experience in carrying out investments in various rubrics. We received contracts in response to successes in open architectural competitions and closed procedures, organized by the Investor. Our projects were part of offers prepared in order to purchase land from local government units. We cooperated with institutions financed from the state budget and local governments. We have carried out projects for stock exchange concerns and family businesses created from scratch. Private investors have trusted us, fulfilling their dreams of having their own place to live or develop their business. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we are able to adapt to any implementation philosophy.

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FAAB Studio belongs to Adam Białobrzeski and Adam Figurski, who are its co-founders and owners. FAAB is managed by the co-owners and the Creative Director. Together, they are responsible for the development of the office and the scheduling of long-term goals. In FAAB, each project is developed by a team consisting of a leading architect, responsible for project management, as well as project architects. In order to take advantage of the best opportunities and to develop optimal and innovative solutions, our work is supported by a wide range of specialists and external experts in many fields. Our greatest potential is curiosity, open mindedness and striving for perfection.

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