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We know that architecture has the power to create information, often read as a determinant of the Investor’s position, aspirations and strategic goals. It can also be a way to reach a desired audience or to create an image of an organization that identifies itself with a specific philosophy or values. We always try to support
the process of building our Client’s brand. One of the tools is the publication of the presentation of projects or realised spaces and objects. We care about the consistency of the message. Information about our projects is published in book publishers, magazines and electronic media.

Falowanie i szybowanie – Waving and soaring

In issue no.15, an article by Piotr Sarzyński entitled “Falowanie i szybowanie” – Waving and Soaring, presents the finalists of the Polityka Architectural Award 12th edition. We are very pleased that Wave 1 was among the five awarded projects competing for the Grand Prix Award.

Polityka, 5.04-11.04.2023, nr.15

Rethinking the waiting area.

„Futureproofing healthcare in the new reality creates facilities that are designed for change, encourage resilience and foster connection.”
Our project of the Invicta clinic in Wrocław opens a special report on healthcare facilities, published in the Interior Design magazine.

Interior Design magazine, June 2021, Vol. 17 issue 6, ITP Media, Dubai, UEA.

Red: Architecture in Monochrome.

Regional Blood Center in Racibórz, has been published in the album released by Phaidon, London, 2018.

“Red. Architecture in monochrome”, with over 200 pages, presents over 1300 years long history of the utilization of the color RED in architecture globally. The publication was reviewed favourably.

“A dazzling celebration.”The Observer, The New Review”

“Featuring works as from as early as 711 and spanning all the way through to 2017. Visually rich, Red: Architecture in Monochrome is a bold insight into the colour’s architectural lexicon of moods and expressions.”

“These structural works of art show off the best of monochromatic design.”Architectural Digest

Red: Architecture in Monochrome, Phaidon, 2018, London, GB.

Hospital of the Future in Martin, SK

Our Hospital of the Future in Martin, SK published in MARK magazine’s “Notice Board”.

Mark magazine, No. 69, August/September 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Integrating Innovation in Architecture

Presentation of the PGE building, included in a book by Professor Alja Aksamija from University of Massachusetts Amherst, published by the publisher cooperating with Noble Prize Winners.

From the author: Focusing on innovations in architecture, this book covers new materials and design methods, advances in computational design practices, innovations in building technologies and construction techniques, and the integration of research with design.

Integrating innovation in architecture, Wiley, 2017, USA.

Music Academy in Cracow fights smog

Our proposal of engagment into an active fight with smog, presented in Dezeen, Archdaily, ExuMAG, Ihabitat, Miasto2077, Calvertjournal. FAAB design of the Music Academy in Cracow, includes an “Air Purifier” which reduces the amount of NOx, PM and C02 in the air. The efficiency of the “Air Purifier” is comparable to about 33,000 trees!

2017, GB, USA, Poland.

Rainwater management strategies

Quarterly publication based in Los Angeles focusing on urban designs and landscape architecture as well as the interaction between humans and landscapes. The issue including FNP brings on different Stormwater Management Strategies from around the world.

Landscape Record, issue 1/2015.02, Los Angeles, USA.

Healthcare + Office building in Architecture Highlights

Two of our projects, the blood center in Racibórz and PGE office building presented on the pages of a 3,1 kg book! Pages 366-368.

Architecture Highlights , Shanglin, 2016, Hongkong, Chiny.

“Friendly Ministry”

Superb presentation of the refurbishment of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy building in Warsaw on the pages of Architektura i Biznes magazine. Many drawings accompanied by a detail text about pre-refurbishment conditions and our inspirations. Photo of the interiors on the magazine cover!

Architektura i Biznes, no 10, October 2015, Cracow, Polska.

Refurbishment of FNP as the example of sustainable architecture

Southeast Asia Building magazine featuring our FNP Headquarters in the Annual Green Issue. The building is presented as an example of sustainable architecture. “Going Green” sticker included.

Southeast Asia Building, SEPT/OCT 2015, Singapore.


Moss SALON Cracow featured in I-PLUS Interiors+Detail, South Korea, photos: Bartłomiej Senkowski Photography

I-PLUS Interiors+Detail, nr 010 2016, Seoul, South Korea.


MOSS Cracow interiors published in German magazine “Innenarchitektur, Architektur und Technischer Ausbau”, published for 125 years to date.

AIT, no 7/8 2015, Stuttgart, Germany.

 Landscape and Architecture + FNP

Our FNP refurbishment taking 10 pages in the section “Landscape and architecture” of the magazine edited in Seoul. Guangxi Normal University Press, 2015, China.

Landscape World, nr 79, Archiworld, 2015, South Korea.

Hybrid material and ceramics

FNP refurbishment and healthcare building in Racibórz on the covers of “The Design of Building Surface” book. Twelve pages of presentation of FAAB designs inside the book, while the first external green wall located in the section “Hybrid materials”.

The Design of Building Surface, ThinkArchit, 2015, Beijing, China.

Refurbishment among small super buildings

Small super buildings from around the world and among them our conversion of the historical residental building into the office building. FNP made it also to the cover.

I SMALL BUILDING II, Archiworld, 2015, South Korea.

Exclusive about MOSS interiors

Interior of Moss Cracow in eight page spread of exclusive and international interior design magazine – presenting designs of leading designers from China, Japan, Korea, USA, Italy and UK.

MARU, no 158, 2015, Seoul, South Korea.

38 Details on PGE  

PGE Office building noted on spine of magazine accompanied with full spread inside including architectural details.

38 Details, A&C Publishing, 2015, Seoul, South Korea.

BOB on MOSS interiors in Cracow

Our MOSS salon in Cracow, PL featured in the prestigious “bob” magazine (nr 129) / South Korea. 

bob, no 129, 2015, Seoul, South Korea.

Ceramics, innovation a diversification

The article about innovation and diversification in the context of ceramics, featuring great designs from Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany with Racibórz Blood Center among them.

Archicréé, nr 370, 2015, Paris, France.

Polish Ministry in AIT 

Refurbishment of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy on the pages of AIT with the title MINISTERIUM FÜR ARBEIT IN WARSCHAU.

AIT, no 12 2014, Stuttgart, Germany.

Liquid gold

Refurbishment of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy on the pages of AIT with the title MINISTERIUM FÜR ARBEIT IN WARSCHAU.

Curve, no Oct.Nov 2014, Lebanon.

A clash of biology and technology

A clash of biology and technology, according to the author from the LAD magazine, describes the best Blood Center in Racibórz.

Leading Architecture and Design, no Oct.Nov 2014, RSA.

Vanguard Centro Regional de Sangre

The magazine dedicated to international trends in architecture, presents our healthcare building in Racibórz as design vanguard in dedicated article.

Entorno, no 44 2014, Equador.

10 pages dedicated to PGE Office building 

The special section “Office” of the magazine published in Seoul, 10 pages dedicated to the presentation of the PGE headquarters.

Archiworld, no 224 2014, Seoul, South Korea.

Build and they will come

On the Blood Center in Racibórz: “The building – designed by Warsaw-based FAAB – certainly strikes a uniquely symbolic presence”.

FRAME, July 2014, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Coal via bike

About PGE office building Małgorzata Tomczak: “In Bełchatów, small town in Łódź Voivodeship, unusual office building has sprung. Arranged horizontally in the landscape, with carefully designed green areas enriching the city scenery. The subject interpreted by the elevation design, vigiliance about the elements of sustainable development, and employees coming to the office by bike, makes us like it even more”.

Architektura i Biznes, January 2014, Cracow, Poland.

The elegant office building

“The building is elegant and in nothing at all is similar to anonymous, glass-like buildings from business-parks”.

Architektura Murator, December 2013, Warsaw, Poland.

A progressive response

“PGE GiEK headquarters serves as a progressive response to a constantly increasing demand for high-quality and environmentally-responsible office buildings in Poland.” says François-Luc Giraldeau.

FRAME, November 2013, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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