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Optimised and reliable in operation,
tailored for challenges.

Our goal is to fully integrate engineering with the space we design. Analysis is the key to selecting solutions, carefully optimizing them and adjusting them to the conditions. We do not avoid the usage of innovative and prototype techniques and technologies. In the absence of a ready-made method, we develop our own concepts for the implementation of investment assumptions and ideas. We are aware that operational reliability is crucial from the user’s point of view.




We are aware that the designed space should be fully integrated with the engineering layer. Each of the elements must fit together and each one must fit together with the others. Roads and pavements, networks, construction, internal installations, fire protection solutions, acoustics, geotechnics, hydrology and environmental issues. Our experience allows us to gather many complicated threads into one whole. Optimized, reliable in operation, tailored to the challenges.
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Three dimensions

We have been using three-dimensional techniques of building and systems analysis for many years, as part of our daily process of creating space. Unusual construction of the building, non-standard elevation, impressive interior detail, are developed with the use of computer and physical models. In many cases we also support ourselves with 3d printing. The Building Information Modeling technique (BIM) used by us during the subsequent phases of the project, allows us to optimize the installation systems and eliminate collisions. Working in three dimensions is a natural tool for us, allowing us to check the adopted solutions and work out the most optimal versions.
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We are constantly monitoring the development of all technologies that allow us to reduce the impact of buildings on the natural environment. We always look at ways to reduce the operating costs of facilities by using solar, water, wind or earth energy solutions. We are co-creators of the first living elevation in Poland, based on the technology of vertical garden. We always select solutions based on the analysis of local conditions. We filter solution concepts based on profitability, including return on investment and non-financial returns for the Investor to a greater extent.
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The diversity of experiences reinforces the planning of the future.

The implementation of investments is usually a complex and multi-stage process.  It is challenging, including legal, procedural, organisational and financial aspects.  Each of our projects has written its own story.  We share the experience gained in this way by adopting solutions or planning implementation strategies.  We are flexible and can work with alternative scenarios if necessary.


We examine formal conditions and those related to the existing land development or neighbouring areas. We often extend the analysis with detailed geotechnical studies, soil pollution studies, greenery inventories, acoustic background studies. In the case of existing facilities, we assess the technical condition and the possibility of reconstruction. We evaluate the degree of consumption of existing installations, the options for their use or the necessary scope for reconstruction. We define the strengths and disadvantages of the project. We provide arguments that will help you decide whether to start an investment or search for another location to carry it out.
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We are planning the subsequent steps to obtain the necessary approvals, permits and opinions. We determine the time of realization of a design studies and construction. We estimate the costs. We present alternative ways of working and alternative solutions. We are planning the investment from the beginning to the end of its implementation.
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We manage the formal side of the investment, obtaining the necessary approvals, permits and opinions. We take care of the Investor’s interests during complicated procedures in the field of spatial planning or appeals. We actively support investment objectives, during contacts with authorities, institutions and the social side. We prepare comprehensive and attractive presentations of projects. We coordinate the implementation of project and specialized studies. We are looking for the best solutions and scenarios, engaging in support of construction. We take part in the process of launching and equipping the facility. We are present at the every stage of investment implementation.
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