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Urban environments

The quality of space affects
every aspect of life.

The surrounding world gives us opportunities to build a new point of reference in a city. To integrate many different activities and people of all ages with diverse and broad interests. To create a symbiosis between the surroundings and the building. To create an image, seen from the windows, which makes the work and living more pleasant. It is an opportunity to create a healthy, safe and inspiring landscape and city. Our goal is to develop places which you want to use and which are worth observing.


Landscape and urban environments

Building surroundings

For us, the surroundings of the building complement its architecture. A supplement for the entrance area, which creates a first impression, is a basic place for relaxation and rest for the building’s users. It can interact with the city or create microspaces, which are the seed of a new quality when the building is adjacent to disorder and chaos. If necessary, the environment becomes protective against harmful external factors. The area around the building is also an element co-creating the view from the window, and thus the environment for work, living, and housing.
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City scale

We are looking for connections linking larger parts of the city. We develop ways to use existing urban spaces. We create new reference points with a high impact on the environment, which change reality. We’re rehabilitating degraded areas. The development we design integrates with the way the city functions in a specific localization. If we don’t have a ready-made script, we create a new one. We reduce the impact of car traffic. We give urban space to the residents, removing barriers and creating friendly places for them. We create a city for people.
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Our landscape architecture is a multifunctional space for all age groups. Providing a place for intense physical activity, walks, watching the flora and fauna, fun for the youngest and slightly older children. Space for social meetings, cultural and culinary events. Providing a unique experience based on the use of all the senses. Enabling the creation of biodiversity. Including solutions for recovering noise polluted areas. We provide space for everyone, for all seasons of the year.
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For each place, a strategy that takes into account development issues has been developed. The starting point is the reduction of the urban heat islands areas. The next step is to manage rainwater and protect the area from excessive dryness. We are exploring the possibilities of using well thought-out technological solutions, that use sunlight and wind power. We consider noise protection and reduction of artificial light pollution. We check the potential for restoring the natural values of a place that has been blurred or forgotten. We make sure that local conditions and analysis of implementation possibilities form the basis of the strategy for each of the areas.
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